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“Founder of Say It! Communications Consulting, Brent Wells has started multiple businesses since completing his Master of Science in Marketing & Communications in 2009. Some of his businesses include Professional Brand DNA™, YourBrandRx Personal Branding, and MyBrandiD 6.0.”
Brent Wells, Personal Branding Strategist

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About Say It! Communications Consulting

Say It! Communications Consulting’s mission is to inspire professionals and entrepreneurs to transform their careers and business by maximizing their true potential. Focused on personal branding, professional development, and talent management. We build talent and connect talent to strategic organizations.

Founded in October 2011 by Brent Wells, Say It! Communications Consulting serves professionals and independent entrepreneurs around the world. The Say It! Communications Consulting team is devoted to delivering the best and most relevant resources & strategies to our community of email subscribers, and customers.

Brent Wells launched Say It! Communications for two primary reasons:

  1. To inspire professionals to take charge of their career and define their personal brand by discovering their unique behavior style and leveraging their personal strengths to enrich others, advance their career and strengthen the organization to which they belong.
  2. To help companies select and engage high impact performers by offering products and services that help companies improve employee productivity, employee retention, employee teamwork and employee engagement. Assessment-based solutions for their talent management needs.

We provide information through our blog, our email newsletter, various paid video trainings and webinars. Our video trainings are aimed at empowering users with social marketing, knowledge, & strategy for businesses who are overwhelmed by ineffective Social Media Marketing strategies.

Since our launch in late 2011, our offerings have expanded from a single training course, to seven video training courses covering all different aspects of Facebook Marketing. We also offer 2 web-based softwares that aid users in creating powerful, customized Fan Pages for their business ventures.

My Story

In May of 2009, I (Brent Wells) had recently graduated with a masters degree in marketing and communications and yet found myself beginning a career that had nothing to do with marketing.

Shortly after completing my masters, I began to hear rumblings that layoffs may be on the horizon. Although, it seemed likely, I thought there was no way, it could happen to me. The company had just paid for my masters, I was a top sales performer, and I was a highly engaged, hard working employee. Companies don’t layoff those kinds of employees.

When I got the news that the companies downsizing included me, I was in shock. Everyone was. It just didn’t make sense. However, these kinds of crazy things were going on all across the country. Professionals, just like me, were forced into searching for a job even though they had done everything right.

Personal Branding Is Growing in Importance for the Professional

While doing some real soul-searching, I started to hear more about the role personal branding was playing in the lives of professionals all across the world. The concept of branding was fresh on my mind, so I explored it more.

As I did, it became crystal clear that executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and job seekers are all going to need to develop marketing skills that allow them to more effectively connect with their target market, in addition to promoting their unique mix of skills, passions, and abilities to companies, customers, and clients who would value them.

I Was Inspired to Make Lemonade!

I put my unwanted time off to good use and began working on a business that would help professionals, just like me, rise above such things as the threats of layoffs. Professionals needed to wake up, take charge of their career, and own their success, rather than allowing their current employer or job role define them.

Even though, I was excited to see the launch of my own company, I wasn’t ready to make it my full time work. I quickly landed another great opportunity with a great company. I found all of this new way of looking at things had motivated me in a way like never before, and it showed. My job performance with the new company, earned my the “Rookie of the Year” Leadership Award.

But, before the excitement and newness of winning this prestigious award had worn off, I began to hear some familiar rumblings about potential layoffs from this company too. I thought, “There is no way I could be laid off twice. I just won Rookie of the Year.”

Well, the impossible happened. Lightening struck me twice. My top sales performance, leadership, and awards couldn’t save my job.


I Became the CEO of Me, Inc.



 Professional Brand DNA™

This advanced, highly validated professional assessment tools offers the professional and entrepreneur insights needed for their professional development, building their personal brand, and in growing their business.



Your BrandRx Personal Branding

This is your prescription for personal brand success!

This site is focused on helping professionals seeking a career in pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical sales stand out from the competition.


I  hope you find each post inspiring and a helpful resource in your professional development. I would love to hear from you and get any feedback you might have.

Best of luck! I can’t wait to hear your success story.

-By Brent Wells


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