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Who is 360Reach for?

If you fall into any of the categories below, you can benefit tremendously from a 360Reach Survey:

  • career-minded professionals who want to develop professionally
  • people who are looking to change jobs
  • people who are currently in job search mode
  • executives who need to understand how they are really perceived internally/externally
  • independent consultants, entrepreneurs and small business owners who need external feedback to help guide their businesses
  • sales people and consultants who want to increase their visibility, presence and effectiveness
  • people who want to develop themselves personally and professionally
  • teams of people working inside companies

What kind of feedback does it provide?

360Reach enables those people you select (Respondents) to provide input about your rational and emotional attributes, your greatest strength and greatest weakness, skills, and team role that most suits you, etc. It also provides your Respondents with the opportunity to provide any additional comments they want to share. It includes two projective exercises to validate data and enable you to gain richer insights into what those around you think about you. The Premium and Enterprise versions of 360°Reach provide data analysis and consolidation which reveals Brand Personas and Leadership Competencies.

What are the differences among 360Reach Basic, 360Reach Premium, and 360Reach Premium Survey Package?

  • 360Reach Basic is completely free. Users get 15-day passwords, unlimited use of the system during the subscription period and access to the summary data. Access to premium features (data analysis, customized report, etc., they can upgrade to premium) are note available.
  • 360Reach Premium provides complete access to 360Reach for 45-days and includes data analysis, consolidation and a comprehensive 20-page report at the end of the subscription period. In addition, your account remains active for a full-year so you can access your summary and modify your action commitments.
  • 360Reach Premium Survey Package includes everything that the 360Reach Premium  provides, in addition to a video coaching session by William Arruda, a virtual video session with Certified Personal Branding Strategist, Brent Wells, a comprehensive workbook with exercises, and much more.